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Differentiating factors

Experience and innovation

Our training courses contain a dimension of realism and pragmatism, in Canada, in order to concretize the implementation of the regulatory requirements of the ISPS Code and the Marine Transportation Security Regulations. Our innovative approach is reflected in the content of our courses and in our avant-garde functional audit methodology.

One-stop services

A unique and firm-specific range of services offered in Canada in the form of the Marine Security Program.

Business model focused on client satisfaction

High standards in the delivery of our services, assiduity in the anticipated results and systematic compliance with the jointly established financial framework. Potential cost recovery, based on findings and applicable solutions from our activity reports.

Integrity, confidentiality and credibility

Respect for confidentiality and neutrality in the face of sensitive information entrusted to us during our mandates have greatly contributed to establishing our credibility with our clients, which are made up of competing companies.