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Training Program

ISPS Solutions Inc. is accredited with the Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail, as an approved training body. As a result, this means that the amounts invested in the training offered by Solution ISPS Inc. are eligible as expenses under the Act respecting the workforce skills development and recognition, commonly referred to as, the Skills Act. Details can be found via the following link:

In general, the ISPS Solution INC. training program is intended for all personnel involved directly or indirectly in the application of the procedures of the security plan on the maritime installations and the ports accommodating international ships.

The people concerned fall into the following categories:

  • Those responsible for security, commonly referred to as "Maritime Installation Security Officer", for whom a complete specialized training is required by the regulations (approximate duration of 21 hours). These people are appointed to this position officially by the operators or by administrators and owners of marine and port facilities and must implement a Security Program;

  • Marine facility security officers who want to upgrade their knowledge and perfect their method of managing a Program security (duration 7 hours);

  • Security agency personnel or anyone in similar positions or functions involving security responsibilities in ports commonly called “Security Agent” for which specific training is required by the regulations (duration of 7 hours). They are assigned to tasks related to access control (gate) and/or surveillance (patrols, inspection rounds, sweeping, etc.);

  • Members of administration and operations for whom an adequate initiation must be given (duration of 4 hours). Included are the leaders of corporation and their administrative staff, mayors, police officers, firefighters, etc. who are invited to become aware of the basic principles in terms of security with which they will have to deal in the event of an unfortunate incident;

  • Overseas participants who primarily use the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) as a regulatory reference in their country of origin (approximate duration
    of 21 hours).

Safety training certificates are issued for all persons who have completed the training courses mentioned above, and they are entered in the register of training of the corporate body as stipulated in the regulations.

All our course content contains a dimension of realism and pragmatism, drawn from experiences with the maritime industry in Canada. This approach translates into the quality of the operational information applied to the workplace of the participants and it is this characteristic that has enabled ISPS Solutions Inc. to stand out in the security training market over the years.

We therefore invite you to communicate with us using our contact page (see the link below) in order to allow us to continue to develop training that meets your needs and we take this opportunity to thank our customers for the trust they have shown over the years.

NB: It should be noted that training for ships crew personnel is not one of the options of our training program. You will find the information and procedures for this purpose in the Transport Canada bulletin at the following address: