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Training Program

E - Cours 2022-180 : Training on the ISPS CODE

Target customers: Marine facility personnel formally identified by the operator as security officer of the marine facility to assume its security responsibilities.

Goals: Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Marine Facility Security Officer with respect to security and acquire the knowledge required to act in this capacity.

Contents: All training elements are in accordance with the training criteria set out in Course Model 3.21 produced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), ISO 20858 and Canada's Marine Transportation Security Regulations. The following themes are prioritized:

Operator Responsibilities, Facility Security Officer roles and responsibilities Security Officer responsibilities, security assessments and verifications (audits), the security plan, remedies in the event of infringement, exercises and training, control procedures access and surveillance, security passes and clearances, record keeping, Marsec level changes, communications, crisis management and port contingency planning.


  • Duration: 3 days with optional supplementary day for Port Emergency Planning;
  • Supporting documents for each participant;
  • Certificate of successful training (exam with passing mark).

Important Notice

It is important to note that in the context of covid-19:

  • training times and locations can be directly affected and therefore subject to change;
  • restrictions in terms of grouping can affect the number of participants and strict rules are enforced in the training room;


As the needs vary according to the particularities of each project, a telephone discussion and e-mail exchanges will establish the parameters on which to rely to assess the costs for training.