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Our mission

ISPS Solution Inc. specializes in the field of maritime security and has been offering professional services for several years as part of its Marine Security Program.

With this one-stop-shop formula, ISPS Solution Inc. gives its clients access to a range of professional services, advice and implementation strategies, based on the best practices in the Maritime transportation security field.

Whether it be in terms of training, certification or the application of security plan procedures, the approach recommended in the implementation of a security program aims to enable the Marine Facility Security Officer to achieve and above all to maintain the level of compliance required by the regulations and to fully assume the responsibilities that this entails.

To achieve this, the Security Program therefore takes into consideration certain additional security parameters found in the following spheres: port emergency planning, health and safety in the workplace and maritime operations.

Details of the strategic tools that support this functional approach, which are Inherent to the Security Program, can be found in the other sections of the site.

By promoting the link between theory and practice, ISPS Solution Inc. remains faithful to its values ​​in the innovative solutions that it offers to its clients while ensuring compliance with the expected results and respect for the financial framework established jointly.

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