ISPS Solution Inc.
Marine Security Advice and Services

About us

Our mission

To provide exclusive maritime safety and security services and specialized training to support the industry in international regulatory compliance and the protection of the multimodal port freight ecosystem.

Our vision

This interdependence between ship, rail and truck modes of transport requires a forward-thinking approach to take stock of the state of operation of the intermodal transport logistics chain. The functional audit we are offering meets this objective while also taking care to assess the state of readiness and protection plans of its critical infrastructure.

Our specialized training courses are closely linked to these objectives through their pragmatic content allowing us to share knowledge on the operational needs of each of the organizations working in this ecosystem.

Our values

Our business model is based on an approach of openness, reciprocity and on strong partnerships. This principle translates into a team of professionals specialized in complementary fields of maritime expertise.

Integrity and confidentiality in the collection and processing of sensitive data are essential to establish a level of mutual trust with our clients in a context of healthy competition.

Sustainable development

Maritime transportation is one of the most energy-efficient ways to ship goods around the world. Our approach aims to optimize processes and practices dedicated to maintaining the fluidity of the movement of goods and protecting the infrastructure, essential to the proper functioning of this ecosystem, which remains fragile.

These objectives reflect our commitment to contribute to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas and the protection of these assets in terms of social and cultural value by proposing solutions that take these factors into account.