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The Maritime Security Program

There are areas of competence that fall under certain regulatory requirements which, on the face of it, are not interrelated and maritime security is a good example. Maritime security is therefore supplemented by three other areas of expertise: port emergency planning, operations and health and safety. Presented in the form of complementary security plans, all of these areas of expertise constitute the Maritime Security Program which is represented below by this compass rose.

These specialties include regulatory requirements that harmonize with those of safety. It is clear that there is a natural link between maritime security and port emergency planning. Similarly, in the other axis, it would be difficult to dissociate maritime operations from health and safety on maritime installations and in ports, these being considered as work sites.

A cost estimate applicable to a Security Program first requires a preliminary analysis of the needs identified by the client. This also makes it possible to establish the regulatory obligations applying to its operator profile, its type of operations and its maritime environment. Subsequently, the jointly identified needs will determine the services required to meet the targeted objectives and, consequently, the scope of the program.

This way of doing things also promotes the alignment of the concept of security with the corporate practices, policies and programs already in place. Aggregating program needs can therefore lead to:

  • Simplification of the contract award process;
  • Consistency of quality in the delivery of services with a single approved supplier;
  • A direct decrease in costs compared to the use of piece service;
  • Project management facilitated by the staggering of deliverables by phase;
  • Budget planning without the risk of cost overruns;
  • Savings in travel and accommodation costs.