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Reference Documents

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of reference documents in the field of marine security which can be useful to you.

The shaped dots indicate the titles of documents sold by different suppliers, while the blue colored titles with a direct link refer to the original documents available free of charge on the website of the entity responsible for its content management.

Maritime transport

  • IMO Model course 3.21 Port facility security officer
  • IMO Model course 3.25 Security awareness training for all port facility personnel
  • ISO 20858 Maritime Port facility assessments and security plan development
  • ISO 19 011 Internal verification (audit)
  • The ISPS Code and the SOLAS Convention
  • Z 731-03, Planning for emergency measures and interventions
  • Emergency and Continuity Management Program

Marine Transportation Security Act (S.C. 1994, c. 40)
Marine Transportation Security Regulations (SOR/2004-144)
Domestic Ferries Security Regulations (SOR/2009-321)
Transport Canada Marine Security Operations Bulletins
International Maritime Organization (IMO) circulars
Canada Marine Act Part 1 - Canada Port Autorities
Port Authorities Operations Regulations (SOR/2000-55)
Canada Marine Act Part 2 - Public ports
Public Ports and Public Port Facilities Regulations (SOR/2001-154)
Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (S.C. 2001, c. 26)
ISPS Code ISSA Guidelines Aug 2016
Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code-2021

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